4 ways to make sure your PC is secure—no matter where you are working

An HP security expert on what you can do to protect your work PC from malware, hackers, shoulder-surfers, and more.

Cisco broadens Tetration security delivery with cloud, virtual buying options

Cisco's Tetration-V and Tetration-SaaS give businesses interested in the security-analytics platform the option of a cloud service or software that runs on virtual appliances.

Where Microsoft Azure is pushing the technology agenda

Microsoft Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich, has mapped out the vendor's focus on new technologies in areas such as quantum computing, security and high performance storage.

Key CIO concerns while choosing a Managed Service Provider(MSP)

Here are some important parameters, across people, process and technology, that will hopefully make it easier for you to identify the right kind of Managed Service Partner for your business.

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5 steps to start your multi-cloud journey

With the increasing adoption of Digital Media and SaaS based Technology, it’s essential to adopt a Multi-Cloud Strategy to keep up with the rapid pace of technology evolution. Get more details from Netmagic here.

Consumer technology will drive enterprises towards cloud DR

With consumer generated data becoming critical to business, CIOs need to ensure that consumer driven data and applications are put higher up on their DR priority list. Find more from Netmagic here.

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Memcached under attack

The Memcached protocol was never intended to be exposed to the Internet and thus did not have sufficient security controls. Because of this exposure, attackers can abuse Memcached UDP port 11211 for reflective, volumetric attacks.

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Making hyper converged infrastructure(HCI) work for your enterprise – The right use cases

Netmagic helps you identify the business scenarios in which Hyper Converged Infrastructure(HCI) could be a cost effective and high ROI solution. Know details.

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Why hadoop in the cloud makes sense

The decision to move big data and Hadoop to the cloud depends on the organization’s unique needs. Netmagic helps you know how moving your Hadoop workloads into the Cloud makes more sense than maintaining them on-premise.

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Optimize your networks with SD-WAN

With SD-WAN, enterprises get flexibility to manage, prioritize, optimize and dynamically reallocate network resources extremely quick. This has resulted in strong adoption of the technology. Get details from Netmagic here.